A simple alternative to install Mooshak is to use a docker container

To install Mooshak you must execute the following commands. Make sure your system has all requirements. Note that you must have root privileges

	% tar xzf mooshak-version.tgz
	% cd mooshak-version
	% su	
	# ./install
	% tar xzf mooshak-version.tgz
	% cd mooshak-version
	% sudo ./install

The installation script creates an user named mooshak with everything you need. You can use this script to install Mooshak under a different user (for multiple installs in the same server), to uninstall or to update Mooshak. Read more about it in the README.txt in the tarball.

After installing, you can start using Mooshak by accessing this URL in your favorite browser:


Any comments, suggestions, bug reports?

Please send them to (José Paulo Leal)