1.4.3 - release notes

New Features in 1.4

    • LDAP Teams can be authenticated using LDAP. To use LDAP you must create a LDAP folder in config/ldaps, setting the LDAP host, base DN and bind DN. Afterwards you can use this configuration in a contest's group folder, changing the Authentication field from basic (default) to LDAP and selecting one of the LDAP configuration you set previously. You should have in mind that you still have to create users in your groups.
    • Error notification Teams may be notified of their compilation and execution errors since version 1.2, but Mooshak could not be configured to show only one of this types of errors. Moreover, it was not possible to show errors related of other types. This version introduces a new field Show errors on the submissions folder to choose the classifications that can present errors to users.
    • New policies The new marking and classification policies are exam-auto-gradding and exam-human-gradding. The former uses automatic evaluation for grad-ding but just computed the number of accepted problems. The latter requires judges to mark each submission and the number of points is the sum of maximum number of points of each submission; in this case the number of solved problem is the number of problems with a mark above 0 (touched problems).
    • Interface in Spanish Thanks to Ginés García Mateos (ginesgm@um.es) users can select Spannish as language for the interface in the login page.
    • Language selection Mooshak chooses automatically the preferred natural language (e.g. pt, es, en) for displaying pages, using the languages preferences set in the browser.
    • Caracter encoding The default encoding of Mooshak is UTF-8. A different character encoding can configured for saved data

    Fixed bugs

    • Security bug related to authentication
    • Points in tests must be integers and that is now checked
    • Dangling links in reports where fixed
    • Spurious error messages regarding lock files deletion
    • Printing files with data in UTF-8 and latin-1
    • Checks if tags in quizzes are balanced and have valid attributes
    • Changed session timestamps from seconds to clicks since login requests from bots are too frequent
    • Opera is now a valid browser (doesn't crash the login page)
    • Ranking lists in IOI policy
    • Show images in quizzes