1.3.2- release notes

Fixed bugs

  • Installation script aborts gracefully with an appropriate error message for tclsh versions before 8.3
  • The message integer value too large to represent appeared on some systems when Mooshak was installed. This was related with numbers used in URLs for managing sessions.
  • Incomplete submission directories are ignored in listings and don't produce errors anymore. This situation could occur when a listing was requested during a replication and a submission was only partially copied into the server.
  • The clone command (admin interface) was generating the same session.

Bugs already fixed in 1.3.1

  • In the guest interface users can select all open contest and not just those accepting email registration.
  • When listings are frozen some time before the end of a contests (typically the last hour) that does not affect questions listing.
  • Certain browsers, for instance Konqueror, don't work well with Mooshak . From this version Mooshak login dialog will warn users if the browser they are using may not work properly with Mooshak.
  • Registration emails are sent without a From: field if the Email field is empty in the corresponding contest folder. In previous versions emails where not sent and no error was reported on mail.log.